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Below are some descriptions of commonly known massage styles. Our therapists use a combination of these modalities in each of their sessions.



Swedish massage


A traditional manipulative technique used to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This includes, sweeping movements, kneading, vibration friction and percussion. Can be gentle & slow or vigorous & stimulating based on the needs and wishes of the client.



Sports massage

Ideal for sore or fatigued muscles, this is a series of strong energetic movements that will prevent muscle soreness after an event. Sport massages are a great way to flush out any impurities, and stretch tight muscles. This is a medium pressure massage recommended right before or after physical exertion.


Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy

Consistent, slow, deep pressure is used to relieve chronic aches and pains. Isolated pressure applied to trigger points releases an accumulation of chemicals and lactic acid that build up in the tissues causing knots and referred pain. Myofascial release techniques can also be used as a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain.



Signature Truckee Tahoe Massage

Truckee locals and visitors are active and need a variety of massage treatments to facilitate recovery and future performance. The Truckee Tahoe Massage includes components of: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy.


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