The healing power of monthly massages



We have created the Zenergy Massage & Wellness Program to help you meet your health and wellness goals

Receiving regular massages will help your body to maintain optimal health by keeping all of its systems in balance. This program is an integral part of a successful exercise and nutrition plan and can significantly shorten recovery time after an injury or surgery.


6 Month Memberships



Alleviate Pain & Discomfort from Muscle Tension  •   Decrease Everyday Stress  •  Increase Energy Enhance Sleep Quality Improve Concentration  •  Reduce Fatigue


60 minuteS
$69 Per Month

Save $96

90 minuteS
$100 Per Month

Save $150

120 minuteS
$135 Per Month

Save $150


How it works



This amount will be charged to your credit card the first of each month. If no treatment is scheduled massages will roll over to the next month but will expire at the end of the second month. Can be shared with a friend or family member for an additional $10 per treatment.


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